Who we are and what we do

The Company was established to design, manufacture and supply quality office chairs via a network of Specifiers to end users to the Cape Town market. Even though our focus was on the Cape Town market we have supplied chairs to Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana and all regions of South Africa. We still exclusively focus on the Cape Town market even though we have developed a network of Specifiers, distribution and products support in most major centers.

Source Seating was founded in September 2002

We are committed to the development of our staff

We are continually improving our knowledge base and at every opportunity promote from within our existing staff. We work as a close-knit team and are consistently developing strategies to make sure our clients can use us as a manufacturing weapon and not a weakness in the management of their supply chain.

The majority of our suppliers are within a 20km radius of our factory –thus keeping our carbon footprint small. Locally processed materials include all wood, foam and steelwork. In so doing we support the direct employment of our own labour as well as the labour of our suppliers with the resultant maintenance of extended families in our operating area. Our area has over the past 10 year’s experienced cataclysmic decline in manufacturing activity thus loss of labour requirement to imports from the East.

Where possible all of our materials are sourced locally

We are conscious of our environmental responsibility and physically separate our waste

This system ably handles the separation of manufacturing waste all soft plastic, all foam, all wood and all steel and aluminium waste. All incoming packaging is physically separated and disposed of via local recycling agents and entities. We have reduced our municipal waste bins to 10% of our former volume and reduced pressure on local landfill. All mercury vapour lights have been replaced with uni-directional fluorescent (latest technology) lighting. In rest periods all lights and our main air compressor are turned off.

Our BUY-BACK service

On large orders – 100 or more chairs, we offer a buyback system where the originally supplied Source chairs will be removed when replacement chairs are delivered. A value per chair will be discounted against the new purchase. The objective of this policy is to ensure that clients chairs are dismantled and disposed of (particularly branded chairs) and whatever parts can be recycled will be done with consciousness of best environmentally friendly practice.

To this end we suggest our key clients use our service commitment as a major support advantage in their closing of sales.

We place a lot of emphasis on our reliability to deliver a quality product on time and support it for the duration of the factory guarantee

Product support in the field

Source products are guaranteed for a period of 5 years if used under normal office hours and conditions. This includes Call Centres who work normal hours. In high-volume call-centers we suggest 3 months after delivery that a general service be carried out to ensure that no initial problems are experienced by the users and if any are discovered they are handled at an early stage. Thereafter an annual check is performed up to the expiry of the guarantee, at which time the client can be formally advised of this and options of buyback and renewed free service support. For call centers that operate longer hours the same applies but the guarantee is limited to three years. Please note that in both cases we do not guarantee the fabric and netting condition and will advise if breakages are due to abuse and provide quotations for the rectification thereof. Certain products may carry a limited 1-year guarantee -please enquire.

Research and development has been lacking over recent years. Since 2008 our trading conditions in our industry and the market at large has been trying and we have focused on getting orders out on time at the expense of developing new products. We have restructured to provide more emphasis on developing more ranges and, given our service commitment in the paragraph above, we have been working on the reliability of our products together with the guarantee commitments from all our component suppliers.

Research and development

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